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Application requirements:

Must work on Sunday

Passion for PC Gaming (and VR)

Knowledge of Steam, Origin, and Blizzard

Able to troubleshoot complex network errors

Know how to use Windows computers
How to use a HTC Vive Headset
How to use Steam, Orgin, Blizzard.


Working with customers, answering technical questions, interacting with customers, trouble shooting, using steam, using smart launch, Cleaning, stocking drinks and candy, making signs for birthday parties, making signs for specific events.


Knows how to use Steam, Orgin, Blizzard apps. Knows how to use any computer, how to fix technical issues, troubleshooting errors.

Additional Information

Gamer Planet is a LAN center. A place filled with PCs and Virtual reality using HTC Vive headsets. We are looking for someone that knows how to use a computer.  Must be able to troubleshoot complex networking errors and general server errors. Good with customers.

Availability- needs to be available 11:00am -3:00am

No phone calls or emails