We are less of a LAN center and more of a battlestation.


Our setup is sleek, stylish, and clean. Cord control, underlit desks, and DX Racer gaming chairs make our facility the ideal setup for tournaments, and casual play alike. But don’t underestimate what’s under the hood, our machines have it where it counts. Take control with the latest i7 7700 processors and Nvidia GTX 1070s, Corsair gaming mice, and 24” HD monitors. And of course we have all the latest games.

We have 10’ by 12’ VR stations set up with reclining leather sofas and HTC Vives. Available for single and multiplayer games, both together and on separate systems. Deflect lasers with beam swords, eradicate zombies, or hang out in hand crafted worlds of your own. Then laugh and scream right along side your friends as they experience truly immersive virtual reality.
Apart from top tier installation, our staff is dedicated to your comfort. We aim to accommodate with as little and as much guidance as is desired. Also with snacks.